Saturday, March 3, 2007


handwoven tapestry
3' x 3'

Bryozoa are collectives of tiny acquatic organisms called zooids, living in large colonies. Often these colonies form flat encrustations as well as erect plant like structures on a variety of objects including rocks, ship bottoms, wharf pillings, sea weed and even the shells of other acquatic animals. They date as far back as 500 million years ago. This tapestry was inspired by how they live, which provides us with some guidelines in terms of ensuring our longevity and well being as a community and thus, as individuals. The long duration of the species can be attributed in part to their collective consciousness. Thus the theme of this tapestry is about our interconnectedness as individuals, and the vital connection this bears upon our structures of community. As citizens, we are woven together like a fabric, through the spirit of collaboration, concern and cooperation, and yet still maintain a sense of our individuality, equally as vital to our existence and survival.