Saturday, March 8, 2008

Encounters & Departures: Tapestries of Peter Harris and Line Dufour

The exhibit of our tapestries was a visually stimulating array of textures, colors, shapes and forms. The tapestry exhibit was in conjunction with a ceramic exhbit, Seduced by Clay, the pieces on loan from the Burlington Arts Centre collection. Lisa Daniels, the curator and director of Gallery Lambton, is teaming with dynamic, enthusisastic , and unbiased though discriminating views of art and fine craft. Without question she is the hub of the cultural excitement happening in Sarnia. I felt that our tapestries were displayed in an unparalleled dynamic fashion. In addition, it is not often that we find such ample space to display our work.

The opening reception took place March 7 2008 and was incredibly well attended by many prominent and respected citizens of Sarnia. The attendees gave the artists as well as the gallery staff much praise for how compelling the exhbit was. I want to thank all of the staff - Lisa, Dave, Holly, and Guy for all their support, and for doing such a wonderful job on the show.
Above, the third picture down is myself on the left and Lisa Daniels on the right. The 4th picture down is Peter Harris (right) and his cousin, Bev on the left.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


2' x 5' handwoven tapestry

Since so much of my work is based upon feelings, I feel it is equally important and necessary to honor our happier and joyful feelings. They are necessary to our well being and our health. Because we feel lighter, perhaps even more superficial, doesn't mean that they are less worthy of visual expression than more 'serious' feelings and thoughts. Without the moments of joy and happiness in our lives, would life be worth living? Happiness....the necessary nectar that sweetens the sometimes solemn aspect of responsiblilites and committments and grim events that happen all over the planet.