Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Finding the Words

Finding the Words. 101cm x 65cm. Dryer sheets, transfer, cotton cheesecloth. Handstitched, embroidered

The various roles society demands that women assume create fragmentation and division of self. In women’s roles as mother, sister, aunt, daughter, friend, professional, employee, employer, it often seems that too many people want pieces of you, demand more of you than you can give. All this creates a disconnect with the self and threatens well-being and wholeness.
With each art work created is an entry point into myself, uncovering me and making myself visible to others. This is especially true of Finding the Words, where my full-length portrait is curtained by the text and painting, nebulous and numinous. My silent voice makes itself heard. Text plays a more prominent role in my life, at times appearing to eclipse the visual art I am creating. The textile collage mirrors how words and images shape my thinking process. Slowly they emerge to form strands of words that are then stitched into a cohesive whole. My artistic process parallels my awkward, tedious and meticulous writing journey. Each word is carefully examined for flaws and tested for its quality and authenticity.

Finding the Words (poem)

I vanish between the spaces of the words
I disappear into the blanks
I recede into the silences
I can only find my creativity in the quiet places
I live in the place where there are no words
fueled only by the quiet
punctuated by various sounds
in this space 
my awareness wanders 
into nooks and crannies
of  ideas and thoughts
into  memory and emotion
where love is stored
Each word that comes to me a pearl
formed in the shell of my silence
and like the pearl
clear luminescent smooth and hard
each word a bead strung upon a strand
to make me whole

© Line Dufour 2019

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