Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Portrait of a Marriage

Conscious and unconscious memory is activated by our associations with cloth, stirring our senses and emotions. ‘Portrait of a Marriage’ is a textile assemblage book within which a poem reveals the intimate emotions and thoughts that textiles evoke. This oeuvre references the textile books of Louise Bourgeois. 

I awaken to the scent of your body
in the sheets and your pillow
in the clothes you wore  yesterday
still unwashed.
My hand caresses the creases
of where you lay
I inhale slowly and deeply 
absorbing the redolence
that still summons my love.
I sort through your clothes
where your absent body still resides
in the stains and in the folds
in the way your elbows and knees
have shaped them.
I leave them there, absented
your body still lingering
longing that once again
you  will inhabit them.
molecules and cells
imbedded between the threads
are all I have of you


Co. 2019 Line Dufour

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