Thursday, August 1, 2013

T is for tenacity

Shape woven by Krystyna Sadej. Materials lurex. 
See her work at

This week the theme on my blog is tenacity. While finally having a few moments to weave on my portion of the Fate, Destiny and Self Determination international tapestry project in my studio I thought what each letter in the word T A P E S T R Y  represents to me. Many of the tapestry weavers I'm familiar with have been weaving tapestries for a (very) long time, myself included, all with varying degrees of success in their endeavours.  
 Miriam Constantino, Argentina
A is for art...for though some in the art world would not agree. P is for patience, perserverance and practice. E is for education and exhibition. S is for skill and share. 
Noella Kyser, Toronto, Canada
T is for talent. R is for respect. Y is for you. 

Tapestry Resources, exhibits, workshops
Rebecca Mezoff did a video on you tube showing how to attach a cartoon to a floor loom when doing tapestry. 

Thoma Ewen who founded the Moonrain Centre in Gatineau Quebec, is one of those people who comes to mind when I think of tenacity. She has steadily maintained her tapestry weaving practice for over 30 years and at the same time has made the Moonrain Centre a go to place for textiles and tapestry enthusiasts. This coming fall there is a lot of programming including an intermediate tapestry workshop with Archie Brennan and Susan Maffei, a workshop with Thomas Cronenberg (beginner tapestry), as well as many exhibitions, some of which feature these tapestry artists. Go to: 

A Call for Entry from a Toronto Art Gallery for textiles: 
The Textile Show, September 11-29. Drop off date, Sunday September 8**, btw 4-7pm.  Members $25/ non members $35, per artist, for up to 3 pieces of work, 30” x 30” OR one (1) piece 7’ x 7’ (approx). To receive artist intake forms and for further inquiries, please contact: