Thursday, March 26, 2015


Fate, Destiny and Self Determination/le sort, le destin et l'auto-determination at Trames Gallerie, Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles, January 2015

Agata Zielinska-Glowacka, Poland

Recently I was listening to a CBC Ideas podcast entitled Eureka! It examined the processes by which we have that flash of insight, that AHA moment.....essentially what we think of as creativity. Though many of the stories they used to describe this phenomena were based on science, the same processes occur when we are problem solving in our every day life, and our creative endeavours. I thought Agata's shape above, was a good example of intuition.....the reconfinguring of experience, knowledge and insight. 

Sarah Swett, Idaho USA

The Fate, Destiny and Self Determination tapestry installation continues to receive submissions and continues to do so on an ongoing basis, always expanding. It's not too late to participate. The next exhbition is will be in Denver Colorado August 2015, at Regis University. Another exhbition is confirmed for the Craft Council of British Columbia for March-April 2016. Others are also being planned and discussed. Contact to participate. 

Kernel Mustard Early Learning Academy
Niki Singh led her young students to create this woven wallhing.
A good example of working intuitively....children are such great reminders to reconnect with this powerful way of knowing our world and life.