Friday, April 20, 2007

The life of an artisan is a challenging one. A large part of my time and my life has been dedicated to pursuing a rather medieval kind of life. Weaving is a very slow process and is quite a contrast to the fast pace of modern day life. Perhaps this is what I like about weaving. That it is slow. I recently discovered a great website that discusses many aspects of the what is now becoming a 'slow movement' at I think it is sort of a backlash to how fast we have to live our daily lives. It doens't allow us to savour many of the better moments.

Since deciding to commit myself to being a full time fibre artist and artisan, it has also been challenging to earn a living solely by this means. So, I try to do a number of things, all related and interconnected. I teach weaving, sell weaving supplies and equipment, I do craft/art shows, and participate in exhibitions. It can be difficult living with the financial uncertainty of being an artist and craftsperson but I just can't imagine living my life doing anything but what I am doing. Being an artist/artisan is a way of life. It is also about a certain quality of life that is not necessarily connected to how much money we make.

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