Friday, May 18, 2007

Completed weaving the tapestry Gravity

I've just finished weaving this tapestry and it is always a thrill when one finally arrives at the end of weaving one, especially if it's large, since it is such a slow process. I'm working feverishly to try to finish it for an upcoming exhibit at the Burlington Art Centre coming up in mid July and will run until the middle of September. The title of the show will be Contemporary Canadian Tapestry and will include other tapestry weavers: Marcel Marois, Jane Kidd, Barbara Heller, and Sondra MacLeod.
I wanted to show you what the back of tapestry looks like after you finish weaving it. All the ends must be sewn in so that in the end the back of the tapestry looks exactly like the front. I'll be sure to post the picture of it once it is completed.
The other exciting news is that I got into the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, and I will also be doing a show in Gravenhurst and Bracebridge. For more details of all of the above go to my website at and the info is posted on the home page.

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