Friday, February 20, 2009


Another tapestry comes to completion. Any of my hand woven tapestries, are full of flaws and imperfections. It's been difficult for me to accept this and to be with it. The feelings that come up - discouragement, disappointment, futility of my efforts, and failure. This leaves me feeling very vulnerable. Now I see that any tapestry I make, represents me in my entirety. I will work on trying to feel more comfortable with that. Just because one sees the flaws does not mean I or the tapestry is worthless or of little value. I know that I do not want the tapestry or anything I make to look machine made. Therefore why strive to make it seem as though it was.
What I have learned in weaving this tapestry and seeing it to completion is to practice celebrating my flaws and imperfections for they are the opposite side of the same coin, my qualities. I will practice feeling the joy of being human, however challenging that is.
14" x 60"

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Peg in South Carolina said...

I love this tapestry! I am a loom weaver who has only dabbled a bit in tapestry. This piece could tempt me into more serious work.........