Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OHS Tapestry Unit

Today I am putting together a power point presentation on tapestry for those who are registered in the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Certificate program that will be taking place at Georgian College this weekend. As I peruse the many images of tapestries I've collected over the years, this one always makes me laugh and is a good one to show people For some it will illicit shock, others laughter. Even in the 'dark ages' immodesty was coveted in the guise of allegory and metaphor! This particular tapestry/textile was a seat cushion! Hilarious! The title of the piece is called 'Wild Woman' and is considered to be a medieval tapestry. And we thought modern woman to be wanton!

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Jan said...

According to the publication "Thee Ancient Tapestries in the Basle Historical Museum," this tapestry was woven in Alsace, around 1500. The title is Wild Woman with Unicorn in a Forest Clearing. It is 76cm tall and 61 cm wide.

The text reads "I have spent my time in worldly ways, Now I must live here in misery, Oh, how sad."

I was unable to see it when I was there in 2009, because the gallery was closed for renovation but I did see some other really charming tapestries from the same period. You can see them on my blog