Friday, September 9, 2011

CommunityThreads: Week 9

What strikes me most thus far while I am a guest artist and weaver at the Gibson Centre, is how much people can accomplish when they work together. Collaboration. Interaction. Cooperation. Together we can work wonders. Over and over again during the time I've been assisting the Nottawasaga Handweavers and Spinners, one fact is glaringly evident. So many of these people, and in this particular circumstance, women, are doing so much volunteer work to make their community a better place, their environment healthier, and the world a kinder place to live in. I am always so awed by the largesse of people's hearts. My life and financial circumstances don't give me the time and resources I would need to do what these people are able to undertake. Let us just say, that many othose who have more abundant resources do give back in ways I wish I could. They are great role models and mentors to others who will follow behind them.
The main gobelin loom is set up and the weaving guild members are now weaving on the tapestries. In this picture, Nellie on the left and Corrie sitting beside her. Above, we took a group shot of many of those who have helped out regularly over the last two months. Unfortunately, some were not present and certainly deserved to be part of this group shot. It's nice to record the event and project as it evolves.

Today, two gentlemen found their way to Alice's Attic where the weaving guild convenes. On the left, Dan Boucher, from Beeton and David Lloyd who lives in Keswick. These fellows own alpacas are were there to let the weavers and spinners know about their alpaca events and products. Their website is www.DATRIXALPACAS.COM if you want to know more.

Tracy Mulhall from Snap newspaper came by to see what we were doing. She took several photos and some notes on the Community Threads project and also on the Wholeness exhibition of my tapestries. She was very enthusiastic and personable and made us all feel so at ease. Tracy is standing at the back. In front from left to right, Elisabeth, Dawna and Nathalia.

This Sunday, the opening reception of Wholeness and the launch of the Community Threads project. It's shaping up to be a very exciting event with a lot of people saying they will be in attendance. See you soon!

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