Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cultural Mosaic as inspiration

Kate Kitchen
The international tapestry project, Fate, Destiny and Self Determination, progresses and each day new shapes arive. One of sections of the tapestry is being woven by guest weavers and non weavers alike. By having many people weave on this section of the tapestry, it references the historical (and still ongoing) practice of many weavers weaving a tapestry. The solitary artist/tapestry weaver is a more contemporary approach.
The shapes that people weave and send to me echo the shapes that are part of the main tapestry. These shapes, or cells of colour, make reference to our cultural mosaic. Canada, as well as the United States, is made of up diverse cultural groups from every corner of the planet.
The shape featured in this blog post is by Karen Piegorsch. I liked the way her documentation became an instructional approach. We see clearly how she secured the edges of the shape before removing it from the loom, and below.....
how she secured the warp threads. I agree with Karen - I almost like the back more than the front! Karen writes:
Hi Line,
      I'm excited to report that my shape is ready to send. Will get it into the post toward the end of this week. Meanwhile, I'm attaching photos. I think it's funny that the back (playfully finished with crayons) is rather more interesting than the front!
      Cheers, and all best wishes for this project. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of it. 

Karen Piegorsch, PhD
Synergo LLC

If you would like to participate contact me at

This project was generously funded by the Ontario Arts Council.

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