Monday, July 22, 2013

57 shapes have arrived so far

57 shapes have arrived so far from all over the world for the international tapestry project, Fate, Destiny and Self Determination. Have you sent yours? So far I have received shapes from
Antje Goldflam, CT, USA  
Anton Venstra, Australia                                              
Bernard Ossant, France                                                 
Christine Pradel-Lien, France                                      
Chung-Ja Jackson, Ontario, Canada                          
Dorothy Clews, Australia                                              
Elaine Duncan, BC, Canada                                           
Francois Seguin, Ontario, Canada                              
Ixchel Suarez, Ontario, Canada                                                  
Janet Austin, Rhode Island, USA                                               
Judite Vagners, Ontario, Canada                                               
Judy Dominic, Ohio USA                                                                
Judy Kogan, Argentina                                                   
Karen Piegorsch, Arizono, USA                                  
Kate Kitchen, Ontario Canada                                    
Katia Wittock, Belgium                                                   
Katie Russell, Scotland                                                   
Kirsten Glasbrook, UK                                                    
Liv Pedersen, Alberta, Canada                                   
Louise Lemieux Berube, Quebec , Canada            
Mai Liis Toomes, Ontario, Canada                             
Mary Lane, Washington, USA                                     
Maximo Laura, Peru                                                       
Melanie Siegel, Ontario, Canada                                               
Merna Strauch, California, USA                                  
Michael F. Rohde, California, USA                             
Myrna Lindstrom, BC, Canada                                    
Pat Scholz, Australia,                                                      
Sharon Smith, Ohio, USA                                              
Sofia Verna, Umbria, Italy                                                          
Stella Tang, Ontario Canada                                         
Stephanie Cantoni, West Australia                           
Susan Middleton, Ontario, Canada                           
Therese Jarry, Blaison, France                                    
Tricia Goldberg, California, USA                                                 

Janet Austin from Rhode Island USA. 
Tommye Scanlin is teaching at the very reputable Penland School of Craft where she will be offering participants the chance to weave some shapes for the international tapestry project, Fate, Destiny and Self Determination. She also has a post about a Fireside tapestry loom for sale: A few summers ago, Tommye studied tapestry weaving at West Dean in Chichester, England. 

Myrna Lindstrom, British Columbia, Canada. 
The American Tapestry Alliance invites all tapestry artists to submit works to American Tapestry Biennial 10.  Entry to ATB 10 is open to all tapestry artists who design and weave their own tapestries (defined as “hand-woven, weft-faced fabric with discontinuous wefts”), either individually or collaboratively (all assistants shall be named). Multimedia work will be considered as long as the primary medium is tapestry. Entries must be one-of-a-kind and have been completed after January 2010. Entries may not have been shown previously in any ATA exhibition, including the Unjuried Small Format show. Artists may submit up to three pieces, but a maximum of one piece per artist will be accepted
Chung-Ja Jackson, Ontario Canada
 Chung-Ja Jackson from the Burlington Handweavers and Spinners, Burlington, Ontario Canada. See her tapestry work featured here: She also did the shape below. 

A really great write up about the different ways we weave tapestries by Rebecca Mezoff:

Remember way back in the spring I found this photocopy stuck in the photocopy machine? Clare Coyle tracked down the book it was in:
10:06am May 24
The full title is "Master Weavers -Tapestry from the Dovecot Studios 1912 - 1980. The image is I'd the first tapestry they wove in 1912. It's not available on Amazon uk but just been on the US site and it seems to be available 2nd hand I think from around $15 dollars or so which seems a bargain! I'll post o photo of the page in the catalogue it is from as there is an actual photo of the man they used as a model - it states " James Roddick, the night watchman modelling for a figure in Lord of the Hunt". He doesn't look a very happy chappy! Lol. Published by Canongate press in Edinburgh around 1980, so no ISBN no.


Debbie said...

Oh dear, I haven't started mine yet and have to rediscover my shapes, which are hopefully somewhere in the pile of papers accumulating on my desk.
Life has got in the way as usual, will make an effort to get them done along with a number of other deadlines hurrying along. Too hot at the moment.

emmajo said...

Hello - I can't find a link to find out how you get your shape for you to weave! I'd love to take part!
Could someone let me know how to take part?