Thursday, October 10, 2013

International visitors and participants

Joe Lewis and Valya (on right) visited the Toronto Weaving School to work on the international tapestry project, Fate, Destiny and Self-Determination. Joe is a fibre artist with a penchant for weaving and has also explored jacquard weaving. He has been writing about what is going on in textiles with an eye to what is going on in Canada. "VALYA  is a fiber artist whose artwork has been exhibited extensively.... internationally, at venues such as National Art Museum, Lithuania, Oceanside Museum of Art, USA, Vision Art Museum, USA, Betriebsraum Gallery, Austria, TSEKH gallery, Ukraine, Mingei International Museum, USA,  Manezh Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia. Her work has been presented in anthology UKRAINIAN ART OF XX TH CENTURY, Ukraine, DECORATIVE ART OF UKRAINE OF THE END OF XX TH CENTURY,  500 ART QUILTS, Lark Book, 500 FELT OBJECTS, Lark Book, among many others. VALYA received several awards and diplomas, including Brakensiek Caught Eye Award at Oceanside Museum of Art and Honorable Mention at Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE’ 11, Lithuania.
Born in Ukraine, VALYA now lives and works in USA. In 2006, she opened her studio in Oceanside, California." 

 Arlette Schulman from Toronto, Ontario Canada, created these two shapes (above and below) for Fate, Destiny and Self-Determination.

Emoke tapisseries from Marseille, France created these two shapes of a material I haven't yet been able to identify. Looks and feels a lot like cassette tape. They are quite a remarkable technical challenge!
Judite Vagners created this tapestry based on a computer drawing created by a friend. Judite reproduced the drawing to give to her friend as a gift.

Susan Middleton writes: Tapestry is alive in Toronto. Just discovered this vimo video of a workshop of Turkish Kilm weaving that was presented at the public library in September. I was amazed at the number of participants and the level of interest and enthusiasm for this short workshop. Just thought that you might be interested in knowing about it. The looms that they are using are also interesting.
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