Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Season of Giving

Mai-Liis Toome and Ellan Allas recently returned from Peru after taking a tapestry workshop with Maximo Laura. 
We are not only blessed and fortunate  to  have the weaving class environment to come to, where joy and enthusiasm for weaving runs rampant, but we are also very fortunate to have the means and the time to weave. Some can also afford to go to far flung places to do so. Others can acquire expensive equipment. Most cannot, and even fewer can even make weaving their hobby. Not only is weaving an investment in terms of time, but also  financial. This week I am inspired not only by how generous and supportive people are at the Toronto Weaving School aka TDSB weaving classes....and their donations, without which we might not be here as life 'on the outside' of our weaving sanctuary gets leaner and meaner. I am inspired by how much people have donated their time to the international tapestry project, Fate, Destiny and Self-Determination: le sort, le destin et l'auto-determination.  I am also  inspired by people's kindness, understanding, patience....and this generates only more of the same. This kindness and generosity manifests in other parts of people's lives....many in the class volunteering their time to charitable organizations such as and Out of the Cold,  initiatives for the homeless and marginalized...initiatives to help make the city a better place to live in (despite certain recent political events!). 

Enter a call for entry for small tapestry.... HGA's Small Expressions

Another call for entry for tapestry and fibre related work:
Agota Dolinay, recently returned from taking a workshop with Maximo Laura in Peru, returns to contribute to the intrnational tapestry. 

Share how you came to be a tapestry weaver and your tapestry journey with the American Tapestry Alliance at:
Susan Middleton and Deirdre Meyer
Susan has been helping with this project since the beginning, which was January 2013. She helped me set up the warp, a big task. She's been coming periodically to weave on the international tapestry project and after her recent visit she wrote:
Dear Line, It was a joy and privilege to work on the tapestry project yesterday. It seems like such a short time since setting up the mass of warp threads. It is wonderful to see them transformed into this vibrant piece by the many hands that have worked on it and by your vision and exciting mixing of colours. Many thanks for creating a wonderful environment where ideas can grow and be shared by all.
Bambi Rutledge from Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute, took my classes over 10 years ago. The project inspired her to come and find us and tapestry weaving again!
 An inspiring story about why one woman 'makes':
Tapestry students from right to left: Susan Grimbly, Barbara Aikman, Diane Gillis, Caroline Castilloux, Gert Rogers.

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