Thursday, January 23, 2014

More shapes flying in from all over the world

Tommye Scanlin, from Georgia USA
More submissions are arriving daily for the international tapestry project, Fate, Destiny and Self Determination.   How exciting to have these very talented, experienced and well respected tapestry weavers participate in this project. When I first sent Tommye the shape she was assigned to weave her first impression is that the shape resembled the state of Georgia! My response: no coincidences! Tommye is a very active member with the American Tapestry Alliance and she also took a 6 week course at West Dean in tapestry weaving. She chronicled her experiences on her excellent and enviable weaving adventure most certainly.  She teaches weaving in many venues in the USA. To see more of her work and see what she's been up to go to
Debbie Herd, Australia titled her shape: "Grampians Conola"
Rosemary Horton Anzicek, Michigan, USA. This shape is really three shapes attached together. This is how I sent them to Rosemary and this is how she wove them
Torunn Soderberg, Norway

Torunn Soderberg, Norway

Torunn Soderberg, Norway

Torunn Soderberg, Norway
Emma Jo Webster, Scotland
Emma Jo Webster, from Glasgow Scotland. Emma Jo currently works for West Dean tapestry studio at Stirling Castle where a team of 3 weavers are weaving the last of the set 'The Hunt of the Unicorn' which will be hung on site. Emma says: "An orange shape with a 'nod' to the famous Oak trees of Scotland - that used to cover the countryside - James the 4th used up these trees in building his warships - There are a few left in a place called Strathyre Forrest also known as Baleful Woods - where they are trying to expand the oak woods and look after them for posterity. " Emma Jo Webster is reknowned for her colourist abstract weaving and also for her handwoven portraiture. She has a studio based in Glasgow. Her web page is 

Angers, France: 
American Tapestry Alliance
UNTITLED/UNJURIED: small format tapestry 2014. Entry deadline is coming up!
July 8 - August 8, 2014 
URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery, Providence, RI
The deadline for entry, which is only your intent to participate, is January 31, 2014. The tapestry is not due until March 31, 2014.Exhibition informationOnline entry.
Download an entry form for mailing.  Questions? Email 
Exhibition Chair: Jan Austin.

ATA Scholarship for Tapestry Study 
Deadline: February 1. This scholarship is for any ATA member who wishes to pursue study in the field of tapestry weaving. The application may be for study in workshops, courses, study with individual tutors or institutions of higher learning. More information and online application.

Will you be in Florida? check out this exhibition 

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