Friday, March 21, 2014

50 pairs of Hands

Julia Pelenyi's first attempt at tapestry weaving. Julia was inspired by "Family Plot" 1993, by Adrian Wiszniewski , a successful artist in the UK who is actually a painter. This image was created for/by Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh Scotland and measures 275 cm x 183 cm. and is in the book The Arto of Modern Tapestry: Dovecot Studios 1912. An excellent attempt for your first try!
Anne Pierson, Gainseville, Florida
Ann told us little about herself but we are glad for her contribution to the Fate, Destiny and Self Determination project. 

Wendy Hayden took this picture of me (and Helen Skelton in the background) holding up the completed section of the panel of Fate, Destiny and Self Determination co-created by the following 50 people. Another panel would welcome helping hands for the finishing work required on it. Looking to spend an enjoyable few hours in our weaving class/studio? Just show up and we will welcome your help. 
Susan Middleton 
Agota Dolinay 
Mimma Draga 
Bambi Rutledge 
Stella Tang 
Ixchel Suarez
Linda Martin 
Eileen Ostrowski 
Barbara Aikman
Donna Kim
Judite Vagners
Marion Kirkwood
Melanie Siegel
Susan Mellor
Patricial Phelan
Kate Kitchen
Debbie Harris
Darlene Haywood
Michelle Tse
Tiffy from Learn Buffet
Simona Comenescu
Michelle Kortinen
Peter Harris
Elizabeth Evans
Catherine Brackley
Debbie Harris
Allison Turner
Anne Odell
Susan Abrams
Laura de Vrij
Patti Wibe
Kathy Fletcher
Joan McKenzie
Cheryl Raymond
Gert Rogers
Scott Ford
Maurice Poon
Francois Seguin
Barb Hilts
Juana Sleizer
Ellen Allas
Mai-Liis Toome
Lis Baston
Christine Giraldi
Deirdre Meyer
Jutta Polomsk
Jill Bidgood
Carla Duncan
Christine Shipley
Line Dufour

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