Friday, January 18, 2013

Mini tapestry workshop and setting up the gobelin loom

Fate Destiny and Self Determination international tapestry project is well underway. At the Toronto Weaving School, Susan Middleton and Agota Dolinay wound the warp on the gobelin loom Monday January 14. 
Agota Dolinay and Mimma Draga completed the task on Wednesday January 16 using our low tech method of vinegar bottles half full to wind on the warp with consistent tensioning. We'll be tying on the warp to the bottom beam and soon all are welcome to weave on the tapestry.
Ixchel Suarez will be coming to the Toronto Weaving School to give anyone who wants to participate in a mini workshop in tapestry weaving, demonstrating various textural techniques on Monday January 28 between 10am and 1pm. Please bring your own frame loom and weaving yarn. Ixchel will have some frame looms available if you do not have one. We will only be doing small samples to try out the techniques. If you would like to do this workshop and are not registered in the class, the workshop is $20 plus materials and loom.
Agota Dolinay, Marlene Stubbins and Susan Middleton cut out shapes and it was a good thing since I've been mailing them at a feverish pace.
The tapestry weaving community as well as many other fibre artists and craftspeople have responded enthusiastically to participating in this international tapestry project. To remain updated you can visit the Facebook page at!/pages/Fate-Destiny-and-Self-Determination-An-international-tapestry-project/194385150700425 to keep abreast of who is participating. Friend me on FB too and then you can like the page and it will be easier to keep abreast participants and their contributions. Not including those already mentioned in this blog here is a list of who is participating and where they are from :

 Ann Berman, Ontario, Canada (will take 6 shapes to Guatemala  and ask indigenous people to weave them)
Antje Goldflam, Connecticut, USA
Anton Veenstra, Australia
 Barbara Heller, BC, Canada
Christence Stubbe-Teglbjoerg, Denmark
Chung-Ja Jackson, Ontario, Canada
Ciara Minden, Ontario, Canada
Debbie Herd, Victoria, Australia
 Debra Dubois, Arkansas USA
Debra Greer
Dorothy Clews, Australia
Elaine Duncan, BC, Canada (presently in Mexico)
Emmanuelle Holmes, Queensland, USA
Emoke tapisserie, Marseille, France
Hilary Slater, Ontario, Canada
Ixchel Suarez, Ontario, Canada
Janet Austin, Rhode Island, USA
Jayne Gaskins,  Florida, USA
Jennifer Stafford, Michigan USA
Joan Griffin, Virginia, USA
Joe Lewis, Ontario Canada
Judite Vagners, Ontario, Canada
Judy Dominic, Ohio, USA
Kathe Todd Hooker, Oregon, USA
Kathleen Morris , Ontario, Canada
Katia Wittock, Antwerp, Belgium
Katie Rusell, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Krystyna Sadej, Ontario, Canada
Linda Cunningham, Alberta, Canada
Liv Pedersen, Alberta, Canada
Louise Martin, Great Britain
Maximo Laura, Peru
Nowak Bernadeta, Poland
Pam Lowe, USA
Ria Hartig, Ontario, Canada
Shanna Robinson, Michigan, USA
Sharon Smith
Stella Tang, Ontario, Canada
Stephenie Collin, Auckland, New Zealand
Tommye Scanlin, Georgia, USA
Tricia Goldberg, California, USA
Yamile Roa, Ontario Canada

Kate Kitchen proudly showing a recently completed tapestry woven at the Toronto Weaving School. Kate has been a long time participant in the class and it's nice to have her  presence as she steadily  perseveres with her tapestry weaving.
Call for entry for small with the Handweavers Guild of America: Small Expressions
Ixchel advises us to watch this video about an amazing tapestry artist:
Tommye Scanlin, a tapestry weaver in Georgia lets us know about another tapestry weaver at this link:
Debbie Herd, fellow tapestry weaver tells us about this video on a tapestry weaver:

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