Friday, January 25, 2013

Tapestry revived

Agota Dolinay preparing the warp for the international tapestry project: Fate, Destiny and Self Determination.

I'm noticing these days that interest in tapestry is gaining momentum. Once again, its starting to ignite imaginations and delight our senses. Somehow, this time honoured technique still has a hold on us and persists in its ability to enchant and awe.

In a week or two the gobelin loom will be ready for us to start weaving a tapestry at the Toronto Weaving School. We'll have an official opening for the project so stay posted and come by to visit. Over the course of this endeavour I'm anticipating we'll  have several important and interesting people visit and hope that you will have the privilege of meeting them. If you'd like to participate in this project please join us. To date we now have 80 people participating worldwide.

Participants as of Jan 25, 2013
1.       Agota Dolinay, Ontario, Canada
2.       Ann Berman, Ontario, Canada
3.       Anne Vagi, Ontario, Canada
4.       Antje Goldflam, Connecticut, USA
5.       Anton Veenstra, Australia
6.       Barbara Heller, BC, Canada
7.       Charles Gee, British Columbia, Canada
8.       Christa Weitbrecht, Germany
9.       Christence Stubbe-Teglbjoerg, Denmark
10.   Christine Pradel-Yien, France
11.   Christopher Allworth, Nova Scotia, Canada
12.   Chung-Ja Jackson, Ontario, Canada
13.   Ciara Minden, Ontario, Canada
14.   Clare Coyle, Scotland
15.   Debbie Harris, Ontario, Canada
16.   Debbie Herd, Victoria, Australia
17.   Deborah Pawle, U.K.
18.   Debra Dubois, Arkansas USA
19.   Debra Greer
20.   Donna Wills, Ontario Canada
21.   Dorothy Clews, Australia
22.   Elaine Duncan, BC,
23.   Emmanuelle Holmes, Queensland, USA
24.   Emoke tapisserie, Marseille, France
25.   Ewa Bartosz Mazus, Poland
26.   Fariba Mahmoodian, Ontario, Canada
27.   Francois Seguin, Ontario, Canada
28.   Hilary Slater, Ontario, Canada
29.   Ixchel Suarez, Ontario, Canada
30.   Janet Austin, Rhode Island, USA
31.   Janine Dassonval, France
32.   Jayne Gaskins,  Florida, USA
33.   Jennifer Stafford, Michigan USA
34.   Joan Griffin, Virginia, USA
35.   Joe Lewis, Ontario Canada
36.   Juana Sleizer, Ontario Canada
37.   Judite Vagners, Ontario, Canada
38.   Judy Dominic, Ohio, USA
39.   Judy Kogan, Chile
40.   Kate Kitchen, Ontario, Canada
41.   Kathe Todd Hooker, Oregon, USA
42.   Kathleen Morris , Ontario, Canada
43.   Katia Wittock, Antwerp, Belgium
44.   Katie Rusell, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
45.   Krystyna Sadej, Ontario, Canada
46.   Linda Cunningham, Alberta, Canada
47.   Liv Pedersen, Alberta, Canada
48.   Louise Martin, Great Britain
49.   Maite Tanguy, France
50.   Marie Drury, New Zealand
51.   Marie-Thumette Brichard, Belgium
52.   Maximo Laura, Peru
53.   Megan Cleland, Ontario, Canada
54.   Merna Strauch, California, USA
55.   Michael Rohde, USA
56.   Mimma Draga, Ontario, Canada
57.   Miriam Constantino, Argentina
58.   Noella Kyser, Ontario, Canada
59.   Nowak Bernadeta, Poland
60.   Pam Huntley, Australia
61.   Pam Lowe, USA
62.   Patti Harden, MD, USA
63.   Pedro de Jesus Ibarra, Mexico
64.   Pedro Ibarra Hernandes, Mexico
65.   Ria Hartig, Ontario, Canada
66.   Roselyne Guittier, France
67.   Shanna Robinson, Michigan, USA
68.   Sharon Smith ?
69.   Stella Tang, Ontario, Canada
70.   Stephenie Collin, Auckland, New Zealand
71.   Stephnie Cantoni, Australia
72.   Susan Middleton, Ontario, Canada
73.   Susan Mowat, Scotland
74.   Susana Penaloza Donoso, Chile
75.   Sylvie Boyer, France
76.   Tommye Scanlin, Georgia, USA
77.   Tricia Goldberg, California, USA
78.   Vera Hazelgrove, Australia
79.   Vicki Jensen, MA, USA
80.   Yamile Roa, Ontario Canada

Ixchel Suarez will be coming to the Toronto Weaving School to give a three hour workshop on using textural techniques in tapestry weaving, Monday January 28 from 10am to 1pm. If you would like to know more email me at

Not too long ago, the Nottawasaga Weavers and Spinners in Alliston, were at a seminar in Midhurst and had some of their tapestry banners on display for other guilds across Ontario to view.

Tapestry resources, posts and info
The American Tapestry Alliance posts this about tapestry exhbitions occurring and other tapestry related events:

Rebecca Mezoff's blog is currently examining and pondering the American Tapestry Alliance biannual juried show in Texas this year. The show looks stunning and she looks admiringly at several tapestries on exhibit. A very inspiring exhibition! Worth a visit to her blog:

Another interesting site to visit is!/Aubusson.CitArt on Facebook. Cite de la tapisserie in Aubusson, France.

Here is place where they dye yarns for tapestry in France:

Tommye Scanlin, a tapestry artist in Georgia shares her thoughts while she is weaving her tapestry:

A video about a commissioned portrait woven by the Victorian Tapestry Workhop, now called the Australian Tapestry Workshop.

Ixchel Suarez posted this video on Facebook about a tapestry restoration video on YouTube:

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